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Searching for only the best

We enjoyed several premium gins with rare botanicals. Beautiful gins with lots of passion, but we seem to miss the ultimate smooth and balanced gin.

 ..... we decided to get more involved

Taking the challenge, we began our search for the ultimate botanical for a supreme, soft, smooth and elegant gin, where a unique selection of premium juniper, coriander, citrus and orange could balance our selected indigenous botanical, and reflect the beauty and elegancy of harmony. After series of tastings, stills and trials, we finally came to this astonishing and beautiful result with the sea buckthorn berries.

Danish sea buckthorn berries

The beautiful orange, aromatic berries of the Sea Buckthorn can be found growing all along the Danish coastline; from the sandy beaches of West Jutland to the dramatic rock formations of Bornholm. We have embodied the essence of this stunning coastal landscape by bringing the intriguing taste of the Sea Buckthorn berries as the indigenous botanical behind our adventurous gin. Grown on the harsh Danish sea sides, matured in the fresh winds from the sea, carefully harvested, carefully treated, carefully distilled.

A modern soft and delicate gin with beautiful balanced notes of Danish Sea Buckthorn.

Designing the bottle and packaging

It took lots and lots of hours and energy from all participants, resulting in a design with the colour of the sea buckthorn berries as dominant graphical element, and the contour lines from where the sea buckthorn berries used for Ginscape grow covering the body of the bottle and the neck ring. We have captured the colour and structure of the sandy beaches of West Jutland and the rocky formations of Bornholm in the colour and appearance of the bar top / cork closure.

When quality has to be ultimately high

To reach the ultimate, we have chosen to distill Ginscape at a world leading distillery. We are certain the GinScape London Dry Gin will be enjoyed and appreciated, and bring the ultimate gin experience.

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