London Dry

Ginscape Sea Buckthorn London Dry Gin

- distilled with sea buckthorn berries

The Ultimate Experience

Party time with friends

The Weekend Getaway

Experience something new

Daily Happiness

Hygge and relaxation - enjoy

Ginscape London Dry Gin is a delicately embodied Premium gin with a perfect and elegant impression. Smooth and soft base with stunning balance between juniper, coriander, citrus and orange, and with a delicate touch of Sea Buckthorn that vanishes into tints of liquorice.

Ginscape is a new and modern passionate Danish gin bringning your gin & tonic as well as your cocktail to a new and higher level.

The beautiful orange and aromatic berries of the Sea Buckthorn can be found growing all along the Danish coastline; from the sandy beaches of West Jutland to the dramatic rock formations of Bornholm. We have embodied the essence of this stunning coastal landscape by capturing the intriguing taste of the Sea Buckthorn berries as the indigenous botanical behind our adventurous gin. Grown on the harsh sea sides, matured in the fresh winds from the sea, carefully harvested, carefully treated, carefully distilled.

A exceptional gin with elegance and style.

GINSCAPE - more than a passion

Searching for only the best, we enjoyed premium gins with rare botanicals. Beautiful gins with lots of passion, but we seem to miss the ultimate smooth and balanced gin.  We took on our shoulders the obligation to make this gin.

A huge project, but 501 days after start Ginscape was launched in Copenhagen.

Sea Buckthorn - our signature botanical

We went searching for a danish signature botanbical capturing our ambitions for a perfect balanced Danish gin. After a long search and lots of trials, we found the wonderful   aromatic sea buckthorn berries at the coast of the Danish island Bornholm. A beauty in taste and apperance reflecting our ambitions and expectations. It took lots of tests and trials at our distillery in Rungsted Denmark to develop the final recipe.

Quality, quality, quality

We know, that's it's all about the quality of the liquid. Ginscape matches our ambitions for the ultimate elegance in nose, taste and finish.

Distilled at world leading distillery

Ambitious to rreach the ultimate high quality of the Ginscape gin in production, we decided to distil for distribution at a world leading distillery. After series of trials and tests, we finally matched the original recipe developed at our own lab in Rungsted Denmark. A stunning result. We are very  proud of our Ginscape.

Designing the bottle and packaging

The design reflects the colour of the sea buckthorn berries as dominant graphical element, and the contour lines from where the sea buckthorn berries used for our Ginscape grow cover the body of the bottle and the neck ring. We have captured the colour and structure of the rocky formations of Bornholm and the sandy beaches of West Jutland in the colour and appearance of the bar top / cork closure.

Tasting notes

Elegant London Dry Gin made from selected botanicals and exquisite danish sea buckthorn berries. A clear and elegant nose with notes of crispy juniper and a soft touch of sea buckthorn in a balanced bouquet. A velvet palet of juniper, coriander, citrus and soft undertones of sea buckthorn that smoothly passes into a soft finish with tints of sea buckthorn that vanishes into liquorice.

Have someting you will enjoy

- have a Ginscape

A ginscape is not just a Ginscape. A Ginscape is something special; the feeling of freedom, the cosyness as when at the sea side; being together with good friends and people you care for, enjoying and experiencing. Value the moment and the balance.

Enjoy the moment

Ginscape iis much more than being there. It is the feeling of enthusiasm, involvement, enjoying the moment.  Ginscape is a premium gin with excellent balance in nose, taste and finish.

Ginscape ginmakers Ole & H.C.

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