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Navy Strength


Ginscape signature botanical

Danish Sea Buckthorn berries

Notes of beauty


The beautiful orange, aromatic berries of the Sea Buckthorn can be found growing all along the Danish coastline; from the sandy beaches of West Jutland to the dramatic rock formations of Bornholm.


We have chosen full-bodied and aromatic sea buckthorn berries from the Danish island Bornholm as our signature botalical, in this gin raised to an adventorous level.

Other Ginscape botanicals

Selected Premium gin botanicals

Carefully selected botanicals for premium quality


Ginscape Navy Strength London Dry Gin is a premium high grade gin made from 9 carefully selected botanicals with Danish Sea Buckthorn berries as the indigenous botanical, leaving a intriguing soft, balanced and delicate nose, taste and finish. A rich and powerfull gin with extra of it all.


A perfect gin for a supreme cocktail as well as an adventorous G&T.


The Ginscape Navy Strength London Dry gin is distilled with the following botanicals:


         - Sea Buckthorn berries (origin Danish coast line)

         - Juniper berries (origin The Balkans)

         - Coriander seeds (origin East Europe)

         - Angelica root (origin France / Belgium)

         - Orange peel (origin Spain)

         - Lemon peel (origin Spain)

         - Orris root powder (origin Italy / Florentine Iris)

         - Liquorice root powder (origin The Mediterranean)

         - Cassia bark (origin China)

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