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Ginscape is born

It did take quite a long time to get to this stage. To be more precise, 501 days from idea to product launch. It was good to see all the effort put into the project finally resulting in a new beautiful Danish gin. It has been fun to develop the liquid, from idea to final product, with all the knowledge and entusiasm captured in a perfect balanced gin. A clear nose with notes of sea buckthorn, a smooth and balanced taste of juniper, coriander and citrus that smoothly passes on to a soft finish with notes of sea buckthorn and tints of liquorice.

Not to mention det graphical design that took lots and lots of hours and energy from all participants, resulting in a design with the colour of the sea buckthorn berries as dominant, and the contour lines from where the sea buckthorn berries used for the Ginscape grow - the Danish island Bornholm - covering the body of the bottle and the neck ring. We have captured the colour and structure of the rocky formations of Bornholm and the sandy beaches of West Jutland in the colour and appearance of the bar top / cork closure. Finally we have come to the stage where the Ginscape is bottled and ready for the market. It has been a most exciting journey, with lots of enthusiasm, energy and professionalism. We are proud of the result, and we are proud to launch this exciting new Danish gin.

An exceptional gin with elegance and style.

Ginscape news and events





Product launch af Politikens Hus in Copenhagen

An exciting day for our new brand and product. We have done everything we could to make a smooth Danish gin that meets the level of prefection, and reflect our ambitions in balance, taste and style, just as we have done our outmost for design and packaging. We know it's all about the liquid, but to us it is vital that the bottle reflects the Danish Sea Buckthorn ("Havtorn") content; the clear sight at the sea side, the fresh winds, the light when looking over the sea, the soft dunes and the whisper of the winds in the sea buckthorn bushes. And there we were, and here we are. The Ginscape was extremely well received by visitors, gin entusiasts and gin makers from other brands. We are proud of our Ginscape, and hope Ginscape will be enjoyed and bring relaxed, enjoyable and balaned moments. We did enjoy the launch, and enjoyed the warm welcome and all the very  positve feed-back and comments from visitors, gin entusiasts, gin conneseurs and gin makers.





Gin Cruise at Nordre Tolbod in Copenhagen

Being announced at WhyNotGin blog was great - even greater to be selected as a preferred gin for the WhyNotGin Gin Cruise in connection to the pop-up bar at Nordre Toldbod in Copenhagen Harbour. A beautiful sunny day - except precisely for the one hour when the cruise took place. Guess we have all tried that! However, all smile, all happiness, and a perfect guided introduction to our Ginscape with beautiful old buildings of Copenhagen as setting. The serve was lots of ice, 1 part Ginscape, 2 parts Fever-Tree Indian Tonic, a couple of sea buckthorn berries and a slice of lemon peel slightly twisted. Sorry for not placing a photo of the full glasses - but the Ginscape was actually so well received that it was not possible to captue a picture of a newly served Ginscape.





Ginscape is awarded double Silver at the  International Wine & Spirits Competition (IWSC) 2017.

The Danish gin Ginscape distilled with organic Danish sea buckthorn berries as signature botanical and launched in Copenhagen May 19’th 2017, was today on June 26’th 2017 crowned with two Silver awards - in the gin and in the packaging category - at International Wine & Spirits Competition in London, and is thereby honored with top awards in one of the world’s largest and most prestigious spirit competitions.

– “To be honored with a top-level award in the gin category at a time where the competition has never been harder, is a testimonial that our ambitions for quality at the highest level is recognized, and that our goal for creating a superior Danish gin has been achieved. To maintain this superior quality is of outmost importance to us” says Ole Schrøter, Hans Kamp and Hans Christian Kjærgaard-Hansen,  the team behind the Ginscape gin.

At the same time, Ginscape was awarded Silver in the IWSC 2017 Packaging Competition.

- "We are extremely proud of this award, as this award is achieved in tough competition with participants from other spirit categories as well. The award is to us a recognition of the top quality in both product and packaging we aimed for when starting the Ginscape venture" says the three guys Ole, Hans & Hans - behind Ginscape.





Ginscape at Ringsted Festival 2017

It was raining. Not silent as normal summer rain. It was poring down as under a waterfall. Fields and paths were mudded, all wet, but the recption of Ginscape was fantastic.  Quality from a-z at the Ginscape bar was carring the vistorrs to a fanastic experience. A beautiful bar, in burned wood accommodated by smiling servants, supported the profile of Ginscape.  Beautifully presented, beautifully served. It all took the Ginscape experience to the top.

We are happy being a part of the Ringsted Music Festival, and feel certain the visitors at the festival and at the Ginscpe bar enjoyed the experiences.

See you all in 2018, and thank you for some fantastic days.





GOLD Award at World Gin Awards

We were all excited when Ginscape recived GOLD Award in The World Gin Awards category "Worlds Best Contemporary Style Gin". We have been working hard to get Ginscape to match our own preferred tasting and style, a elegant classic gin with a modern twist, and it is such a great feeling that a professional jury has evaluated Ginscape to this gold award. We are so proud. WOW!

Tasting notes:

Muted green citrus. Rich and oily on the palate. Chewy bark and earthy coriander. A floral tone lifts the finish. A pleasant creaminess with a solid juniper backbone.





Ginscape at Copenhagen Gin Festival

On Febryary 16 & 17 2018 the Copenhagen Gin Festival took place at Lokomotivværkstedet in Copenhagen. The surroundings were perfect for the exhibition, old buildings originally designed and used for garage and service for trains, now slightly refurbished with respect for the old building.

More than 60 exhibitors presenting more than 200 brands were represented.

Ginscape was well received with lots of visitors and ginlovers tasting and talking. The booth was decorated with large banners and towers of Ginscape. We were all happy for being there and for the positive response from customes.





Ginscape at international Ferdinand Porche racer.

On May 12 and 13 Ginscape was again in the lead - this time at the SSC (Special Saloon Cars) racing event class GT-B at Jyllandsringen. The Fredinand Motorsport team and Andersen Biler finished beautifully.

The excellent team made this day unforgetable for everyone  involved and for Ginscape. A superb event, with "The Ginscape Racing Car" on the podium!





Ginscape Navy Strength is launched at Copenhagen Gin Festival.

Months of inspiring distilling, tasting and all-round gin-work was presented at Copenhagen Gin Festial on Februar 15 2019 . We had done everything we could do to make our new Ginscape Navy Strength meet the level of prefection we want. Rich and powerful, yet impeccably balanced, with crispy juniper, coriander and citrus, and with a delicate touch of Sea Buckthorn that vanishes into clear tints of licorice. We are so proud of our Ginscape Navy Srength gin. Ideal for cocktails and G&T. We found all the interest in our new gin that we could imagine. A great launch.





Ginscape Summer Orchard is launched.

Inspired by the summer days with abundant growth in our Danish countryside summer orchards, we decided to develop a gin with the flavours and excitement from the aromatic fruits found there. We have been working hard to get our premium summer orchard gin to match the inspiration of blooming summers. We are very proud of our Ginscape Summer Orchard gin.

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